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If you have traveled between the stars, then you know that it would take years to reach, sorry that you ever started venturing in the first place and wishing that you had left the star while you went on with your life in exploring the final frontier, like in Star Trek.

In this case, the story of the Baudelaire orphans is like traveling to the stars, and if you insist on reading, your only reward will be countless chapters of misery, chaos, and despair, and countless tears in your eyes. Even if you have read all of the thirteen volumes of the Baudelaires' story, it is not too late to stop your voyage through, and to avoid it. I'm sorry to tell you this, but that is how the story goes.

The Baudelaire orphans would have been happy to have reached a star, had one come come along as they traveled across the sea in a boat, the Beatrice. Had such any star appeared, Violet, the eldest Baudelaire, would have tied up her hair in a ribbon to keep it out of her eyes, and in moments would have invented a device to observe the stars. Klaus, the middle sibling and the only boy, would have remembered useful facts from one of the thousands of books he had read, and been able to identify which type of star it was. And Sunny, who was just scarcely out of babyhood, would have watched the stars in the sky, saying "Are we alone?"

But the three children had not seen a single star. Indeed, they had not seen much of anything during their journey back, which had begun when the Baudelaires had left the island with the baby girl, Beatrice. The wind and tides had quickly pushed the boat away from the island, where Count Olaf and Kit Snicket was buried, and by sunset, the island was a distant, faraway blur. Now, the following morning, the only things the Baudelaires had seen were the quiet, still surface of the sea and the gray gloom of the sky. The weather reminded them of the day at Briny Beach when the Baudelaires had learned of the loss of their parents and their home in a terrible fire, and the children spent much of their time in silence, thinking about that dreadful day and all of the dreadful days that had followed. It almost would have been peaceful to sit in a drifting boat and think about their lives, had it not been for Beatrice.

In front of the Beatrice, a big rock came into view. It was taller than the Beatrice, and the Baudelaires attempted to row back after they barely saw the burned hotel and all the other buildings. Suddenly, a mighty asteroid the size of the object that formed Mercury's Caloris Basin fell upon the former site of the Baudelaires' mansion. There was a great explosion, and chunks of molten rock were thrown out to space and re-entering the atmosphere, creating massive meteor showers everywhere in the world. It was too late, however, the Beatrice hit a rock, and was going to sink. The Baudelaires and Beatrice were thrown out, and Beatrice was too far from the children who adopted her.

The large tsunami waves of six miles high appeared before the children stranded in the sea. Below the Baudelaires, the large question-mark shaped object, the Great Unknown, appeared below them.

"Oh, no!" Violet screamed. "It's the question mark thing! We're pulled under!"

"What should we going to do?" Klaus shouted. "I don't know where this thing leads... Let's hope we'll survive..."

The Baudelaire children were pulled under and disappeared through the object. The tsunami carried Beatrice further away from the question mark object. Beatrice would never heard Violet, Klaus, and Sunny's voice again. These waves converged on the antipodal point, and the mountain range exploded and crashed up to form a weird terrain, like an unbelievable earthquake happened all around the world.

Chapter Two Edit

When the Baudelaires woke up and opened their eyes, they found themselves lying in the corridor. However, corridor was unlike they had seen in their unhappy lives.

"Where..." Violet wondered, as she got up. "Where are we?"

Klaus stood up, and turned his head around. "Oh, no. We're in another place! The last time we're on the sea when..."

"The Beatrice sank," Sunny said.

"I think we're not on our world we supposed to be in, but we're..."

The children looked around. Lieutenant Commander Kras, the youngest and tough Klingon Starfleet tactical officer and head of security, walked with three well-groomed men armed with phasers. They seemed to be dressed in gray-over-dark uniforms with a gold-colored tunic worn beneath.

"We're not existed here..."

"Who are you?" Kras shouted.

"I'm Violet Baudelaire, the inventor," Violet said. "These are my siblings, Klaus, the researcher and Sunny, formerly the Biter, now the Chef. We're humans, we're the Baudelaire orphans. We're taken here by the Great Unknown..."

"The Great Unknown?" Kras said. "What the hell is that?"

"The one that Kit Snicket refered to a year ago, it took the Quagmires and Captain Widdershins' crew either to their deaths or rescue, and it is an euphenism on what happens after death."

"I don't know what you're talking about."

"Good thinking, you are dishonored."

The Klingon surprisingly turned to them. "I'll kill you for dishonoring me, Baudelaires! Your blood will be painted on the walls of every house on Qo'noS!"

"Qo'noS?! I've never heard of this before!"

Kras stepped quickly toward the children.

"Stop, Mr. Kras!"

The Captain walked to Kras, and the children were relieved. The Captain was Spencer Dyson. Dyson was a great Starfleet officer, commanding in three different starships, but was a hard man, unafraid of making difficult decisions and unflinching in his will to do what he thinks as right. These traits sometimes compel him to feel that he has been left no choice but to take controversial, unpopular and morally questionable choices. I saw the First Officer standing beside him. The First Officer was Commander Louis Murray. Murray, like Russell himself, participated in the Dominion War. The Second Officer, Freeman Russell, was present.

"What just happened here?" Violet asked. "Where are we? Who are you?"

"I thought there's a boarding party invading," Dyson said. "But you are not invaders. This is a Federation starship, the Sathanas, Sovereign-class. My name's Spencer Dyson... This my first officer, Commander Louis Murray, and second officer Lieutenant Commander Freeman Russell."

"We believe you are one of Starfleet," Violet said. "Boldly going where no one has gone before..."

"I know I am. You can become part of us. I fought in the Dominion War, and my father was an admiral of Starfleet. He is one of them who know Captains Jean-Luc Picard, Benjamin Sisko, and Kathryn Janeway..."

The Baudelaires were surprised to hear the Captains' names.

"Your father knows Captains Picard, Sisko, and Janeway?"

"Yes. Yes, he does. The Romulan Empire had fell into disarray after the death of Shinzon at the battle near the Bassen Rift. Tal'aura became the new Praetor, supported by Fleet Commander Tomalak as the new leader of the Romulan fleet. The Briar Patch had just revealed its hidden frontiers, and mysterious ships from another galaxy would appear and invade Romulan space."

"You're crazy!" Klaus said. "These mysterious ships are worst than Count Olaf!"

"Count Olaf? Who is he? I thought he is..."

"An actor," Violet said. "He's trying to seek out our fortune our parents left behind! And now he's dead!"

A flash of light appeared before them. A man of between young and middle ages stood at the same spot.

"Hello, officers!"

"Q?" Dyson asked. "You're Q?"


"Is there any way for us to get back where we came from?" Violet asked. "When I was out of age, I would have inherited our family fortune."

"You're the Baudelaires?"

"Yes, we're. Let me tell you it will be a great honor if you sent us back..."

"I don't like, Baudelaires."

He snapped his fingers, and in an instant, the Baudelaires disappeared in a flash.

"What did you do to them?"

"Oh, send them somewhere... interesting. I would worry that it is certain that the Borg would be interested in assimilating them and their family fortune..."


"Bring them back here, now!"

"Why? You don't like them!"

"Regardless of that, they are the children!"

"Oh, very well!"

He snapped his fingers once more, and the Baudelaires appear. However, they are different, they sported several various cybernetic implants. They reacted to the surrounding crew.

"Resistance is futile," Violet said, in a Borg voice. "You'll be assimilated."

"As they were, Q," Dyson said. "Including their fortune."

"As you wish," Q replied, snapping his finger. The orphans were restored back in a flash.

"Violet! Klaus! Sunny!" Kras said, as he comforts them. "Are you okay?"

"Captain, can we excuse for now?"

"Yes," Dyson replied. "Mr. Kras, escort these children to the quarters. Make sure they do not have any lasting effects."

"Aye, sir."

Kras and his security team led the Baudelaires out from the corridors.

"You really should have left the Baudelaires with the Borg," Q said. "I believe the Borg Collective is your next guardian..."

Chapter Three Edit

"Captain's log, stardate 61966.1. It's been a year since the shakedown cruise of the Sathanas. Our mission with the extragalactic Triangulan race is complete several days prior, and we're on the next mission. During our journey, the children known as the Baudelaire orphans have mysteriously appeared on one of the decks of our ship."

The three Baudelaires, now dressed as Starfleet officers, walked out from the turbolift toward the bridge. Several officers walked past them, while the others were working on individual stations. Dyson was sitting at his Captain's chair, staring at the large viewscreen before them showing a spaceship shaped . Red alert klaxons rang.

"What the hell are you doing?" the Captain asked. "I recommend that you should be at sickbay. You should not have any lasting effects."

"Believe me, sir," Klaus said. "We don't have any. So, what is it you've encountered?"

"Some kind of ship," "Unlike any other ship in our database."

"Hail them."

"This is Captain Dyson of the starship Sathanas to unknown vessel."

"No response."

"Any life signs?"

"Negative, at the moment."

"Commander, assemble the away team, and investigate."

"Aye, sir," Murray said. "Mr. Kras and the Baudelaires, you with me."

Onboard the spaceship, Violet, Klaus, Sunny, Murray, and Kras appeared on the deserted corridors which the Baudelaires described as a miserable place. They began examining with their tricorders.

"Get anything, Baudelaires?"

"Nothing for a moment," Violet said. "But, I do think so..."

"Interesting? What is it?"

"Your guess is good as mine."

"All right, let's take a look around," Kras said, as they prepared their phasers. "Phasers are set for stun for now."

"Maybe we start from here."

"Yeah, let's go."

The away team went further.

"We've got something. Just around there."

"Ready when you are."

"By the prophets... What the hell happened here?"

"I'm picking up numerous bodies all over the place. All are unconscious."

"It's not human... It's another kind of Borg..."

"Borg? Another type of Borg? I'd better find out." Murray remarked and touched his badge. "Murray to Sathanas."

"Yes, Commander?"

"I've found many of them that are unlike any cybernetic life form... the Borg... They are scattered all around this place."

"It doesn't make any sense. What are these Borg doing here? Have you found anything else?"

"Yes, we're doing the analysis of the ship's main computer. I think what Kit has speaked about, the Quagmires and Captain Widdershin's crew sucked into another universe, and this ship was later sucked."

"Then, it may be talking about the Great Unknown that Kit Snicket mentioned?"

"I don't think so, but there are mentions about the Great Unknown several times. From what I've gathered it could have encountered an anomaly or something like that..."

"But what is it?"

"Captain! Captain, do you read?!"

But there was no response.

"Someone's coming!" Sunny yelled.

"What the hell is that?" Klaus asked.

"Looks like Borg 2.0 if you ask me," Kras said.

"Borg 2.0?" a voice said. "The Borg are incompatible."

"Who are you?"

"I'm Number Six. You've boarded our ship, and you'll prepare to surrender, or we'll airlock you."

"Are you responsible for what happened here in the first place?"

The Quagmires, Duncan, Isadora, and Quagmire, appeared before them. They were accompanied by Captain Widdershins, Fiona, Fernald, Hector, and Phil.

"The Quagmires and Captain Widdershin's crew! They're alive!"

"Well, we fought all the way through the New Caprica Police and assisted the Colonials escape before pretending to be Cylon models in addition to the usual seven models, not to mention the remaining five..."


Kras shot his phaser at the Cylon.

The Baudelaires, the away team, the Quagmires, and Captain Widdershin's crew were beamed off from the ship.

Inside the transporter room onboard the Sathanas, they appeared.

"All right! That's it," Klaus said. "We're not going back to this place again, and that's final. Everytime we're over there someone's trying to kill us, or turn us into something unpleasant and weird."

Dyson ran to them. "Are you all right?"

"Yeah," Kras replied. "Something's..."

"There might be another type of Borg that looks like a human," Isadora said. "They call themselves, Cylons, or something like that..."

"They came into our universe? Brought to here by the Great Unknown?"

The bridge rumbled violently.

"Red alert! Captain to the bridge!"

"On my way."

They walked out from the transporter room.


"Several dozen small ships are coming out from the unknown ship. They'll be in firing range within several seconds."

"Good time to raise shields," Violet said.

"You're right," Dyson replied. "But I'm not taking any chances. Helm, set course at one-six-nine mark three-eight and engage at maximum warp."

"Aye, sir. Going at maximum warp."

"That should shake off these Cylon pursuers."

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"Captain's log, stardate 61987.3. The Sathanas has rescued the prisoners from the drifting ship, turned out to be a basestar. I have a meeting with my senior staff."

"Two months ago, the Great Unknown travel closer to our ship we're traveling with the Cylons. By the time it's here, it took the ship and the crew with it."

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A year later, the two Federation starships, the Sovereign-class USS Violet Baudelaire (NCC-84860) and the Galaxy-class USS Klaus Baudelaire are named after Violet and Klaus themselves. The Violet Baudelaire was the second Federation starship to bear the name.

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